Feeling guilty for investing in yourself? 

First of all, know that it’s not your fault. Women have received so much programming from a young age that to be a good daughter, sister, wife, partner or girlfriend you’ve got to sacrifice yourself, your time and your money for everyone else.

So how do we shift from feeling guilty to trusting ourselves and being confident in spending money on what we need/want?

We decide we’re going to start prioritizing our needs and wants and then we practice doing that by starting small.

Maybe you start with taking yourself out for lunch and shopping or taking that class you’ve been eyeing up or doing a spa day with girlfriends. And then you keep practicing prioritizing your needs and wants. As you practice this you’ll notice your trust in yourself and your decisions will grow as well.


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Before you go, I’d love to know what’s one of the first investments you made in yourself without feeling guilty about it? 




Hey, I’m Argentina Leyva and for the last decade, I’ve photographed over 3,000 women, using boudoir photography as a tool to help them feel more confident in themselves and their bodies. 

Boudoir Photography is an investment in your whole self – from your self-love, self-esteem to your overall confidence.

These photos may eventually end up on your wall – but it’s the experience of getting your photo taken, letting yourself be seen and how it changes the way you see and talk about yourself that has the REAL impact.

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