Whether you’re having a “how the hell did I get here moment?” or wondering how you can get unstuck and pursue your dreams, these strategies will give you the confidence and clarity you need to achieve anything in life.

“How the hell did I get here?”

THIS is one of the most common phrases I hear from my fellow middle-aged ladies. It’s like one day we wake up and realize our life looks and feels NOTHING like what we’d hoped for or once dreamed of when we were a little girl.

It’s NOT that we’re totally ungrateful or that we don’t love our children and the life experiences we’ve been given… it’s just that we’ve reached a point where it’s time to put our needs and desires FIRST.

It’s time to reconnect with the confident, brilliant and visionary woman that’s already inside of us…the one that like that little girl still has so many dreams and desires in her heart.


While the possibility of putting yourself first and exploring your dreams and passions sounds thrilling, it can also be…. 



That’s why I want to break down for you today the 4 key strategies that will help you:

  • Get unstuck and stop viewing your future based on your past
  • Uncover the beliefs that are keeping you stuck and feeling disempowered
  • Get clear about what you truly want 
  • Take MASSIVE action and move towards achieving your goals

These are the exact strategies I used after my divorces when I was struggling with feeling worthy and planning my future and they helped me launch my photography business and later quit my full-time job so that I could go all-in on my dream of being a boudoir photographer.

These aren’t quick fixes and they’ll require you to be courageous and put your big girl panties on…..BUT I believe in you and I want you to know that no matter your age, it’s NEVER too late.

YOU get to reinvent yourself, realize your dreams…..and most importantly call the shots and create a meaningful next chapter of your life.


Pursue your Goals with more Clarity and Confidence using these 4 Essential Strategies 

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Strategy #1 – Decide DIFFERENTLY 

The first essential strategy is to DECIDE that your future is not your past. LOOK….it’s easy to get caught up in the story that nothing will ever change. BUT we forget that we have the ability to CHOOSE our future. 

Try using an affirmation like “I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. Each day I get to take part in creating my dream life.” or “My life is unfolding in perfect order”.

Strategy #2 – Uncover your Beliefs about yourself
In order to support ourselves and nurture our self-esteem and worthiness, we need to be clear about our current belief system. This strategy is all about first noticing and second documenting and shifting your current beliefs about yourself. 

You can use a notebook or a voice memo if it helps you to document the current stories you’re replaying in your mind. Once you practice observing you’ll start to notice themes about your beliefs, they might be around worthiness or belonging. 

Begin to introduce new beliefs that support how you actually want to feel. You can use affirmations, you can collect positive comments other people have said about you and keep a “compliments file” or you can write out the new beliefs you want to practice in your journal.

Strategy #3 – Be CLEAR about your desires

This strategy is all about giving yourself permission to explore what it is you truly want. We can’t make progress or live our desires if we don’t know exactly what we want. Now, this can be an overwhelming exercise for some women as we’ve often repressed our desires. Know that you can continuously update and refine your vision and desires as you grow.

Tip: Remember to trust yourself and get started by asking yourself questions like:

How do you want to feel?

What do you want to achieve or experience?

Where do you want to go in life?

Strategy #4 Don’t say I didn’t warn you…. Taking MASSIVE ACTION
Ouf…this strategy is DEFINITELY the most uncomfortable…because yes that’s right you guessed it….you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone. THIS is essential to break the pattern of feeling stuck, lost and disempowered. THIS is what will build confidence and trust in yourself.

Tip: In order to complete strategy #4, you need to complete strategies #1-3, so that you know WHAT that first uncomfortable step and action is going to be. Look at your answers to the questions in strategy #3. Work backwards from the goal or result you want in your life and look at those first few steps. Pick one that both EXCITES and SCARES you and give it a try.


I hope these strategies help and inspire you to become the best version of yourself. I’ve discovered through my own story and working with thousands of women, that when we learn to put ourselves at the center of our lives, believe that we are worthy of our desires and take BOLD action on what we want….we become a force to be reckoned with. 

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