I have photographed over 800 women in boudoir sessions and I can say I have seen it all; from great preparation for the session, to very ill-prepared.

Here is a list of the most common mistakes I have seen women make that have prevented their boudoir session to be the best experience possible.

1. Poor lingerie selection. This is the by far the number one mistake that I see happening in the preparation for a boudoir session. The success of a boudoir session greatly depends on how well you choose your outfits. An old raggedy outfit is not going to cut it. First of all, a boudoir experience is meant to make you feel beautiful and confident about your body and an old, wrinkly and washed out outfit is not going to achieve that. You need new outfits that fit your body perfectly and that require a trip to the shopping jungle. You need to get fitted for your body and get outfits with plenty of support to shape your curves.

2. Late arrival to appointment. This is a common enough mistake that will cause you a lot of disappointment and frustration. You have to consider that you might not be the only client at the studio, there might be another client after you and it is not fair for her to delay her session and wait because you are late. So, your session or hair and makeup makeover will be rushed as well as the showing of your images. Be respectful of the photographer and makeup artist’s time as well of other ladies ahead of you. After all, you wouldn’t like it if someone made you wait right?

3. Not getting professional hair and makeup. Although natural beauty is great, in photography, especiallyboudoir photography, it is important that you have your hair and makeup professionally done. You have to add fake eyelashes and airbrush makeup to really have everything to your advantage and look your best. You can go for a “natural” look, but even this look requires the skill of a professional makeup artist. The ladies that I have photographed that decided not to have their hair and makeup professionally done ended up very disappointed because they didn’t like look like the ladies in my portraits or albums.  Obviously, they had to come back for a second time and spend twice as much to redo their session.

4. Body airbrush tanning. I know you probably want to have a darker skin color for your session but a bad airbrush tan can be the biggest mistake you make. Airbrush tans are very difficult to make look natural, they show uneven and many tend to make you look orange. You need to be a pro at tanning and have the best technician on the planet to do a good job. The last thing you want is to see two colors, one for your body and one for your face. The makeup artist will apply foundation to your face that WILL NOT match the color of your tan and you will have two tones, not very appealing. And if you are relying on Photoshop to fix that, yes, it is possible, but at a very high cost to you.

5. Getting your own poses. I know you probably have a great Pinterest board with great posing ideas. That is great to give your photographer a good idea of what you like. But to expect to get the exact same shot, it is too much to ask and expect. You will be greatly disappointed if you want the exact same image that you so much like, there are too many variables: different model, light, photographer artistic eye, equipment, set, etc. What you can expect is to have your photographer interpret the image and create his/her version of it. You are better off trusting your photographer and going for the style that he/she is known for; after all, that’s why you booked her/him!

When deciding to do a boudoir session, commit to prepare for it. Remember why you are doing it in the first place and follow your photographer’s instructions, she knows better!

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