Learn this simple technique to reprogram your brain and change how you FEEL about yourself 

Sure we all want to feel more confident and feel GOOD enough. Am I right ladies?

But…have you ever stopped to think about what is stopping you from feeling that way?

If you’re not getting the results you want…

Whether it’s losing weight, feeling confident, getting your finances in order or living a life that feels true to you.

Well…it all comes down to ONE thing…It’s something I discovered in my own self-love journey and through talking to and photographing over 3,000 women in the last 13 years.

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The story you are telling yourself [Make this text larger subheading text]

This story is the beliefs you have about who you are and your worthiness. 

The reason that you don’t feel beautiful or good enough is not because of your height, your age, your weight, your boobs or even your stretch marks.

It’s because of the story you telling yourself AND believing is TRUE. 

The moment you change your story and the beliefs you have about who you are…that’s when everything in your life begins to shift.

How your story translates into action, self-love and confidence

If you struggle with loving your body and you keep trying to lose weight with the story that you’re body is not good enough the way it is, you’re using shame and unworthiness to motivate yourself. 

When we begin with that story, no matter what action we’re taking, we’re setting ourselves up for failure and more feelings of unworthiness. 

However, if you change your story and appreciate your body as this vessel that is carrying you through life and allowing you to have all of these amazing experiences, then your weight loss experience will be very different. 

That’s because you’re approaching it from a place of gratitude, worthiness and self-respect as you see how exercising and eating mindfully will allow you to have a healthy and strong body.

This is just one example of how changing the story well tell ourselves, can transform our confidence and self-esteem.

Reprogramming your Brain: How to begin changing your story

I encourage you to apply this practice to any area of your life. Anytime throughout your day, you encounter a situation where you feel unhappy…work through these steps: 

Step #1: Start by noticing the story you’re currently telling yourself

Example: You’re getting dressed for work in the morning and you notice you have these thoughts like “Nothing fits. I look horrible.” or “It doesn’t matter what I wear, I’ll never look good.”

Step #2: Name it
Once you’ve noticed that you’re telling yourself a story…call it out. Say in your mind or out loud “this is a story I’m telling myself and it’s not true”

Step #3: Change your story

Think about the new story you want to tell yourself. Think of a story that is rooted in worthiness, gratitude and self-respect. 

Example: “I’m so grateful for my body. It lets me get up every morning and do this job I love”

Start with changing one story at a time and notice the transformation you create each time you do that. Each transformation will have a ripple effect and contribute to you becoming the most authentic and loving version of yourself.

Join the conversation. Hop over to the video version of this blog post and tell me ONE new story you’re going to practice telling yourself.

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