I’ll keep shouting this message from the rooftops: 

Women telling their stories and confidently letting themselves be seen is POWERFUL… FULL-STOP! 

This is why I created the Transformed & Thriving Magazine so I could share the photos and stories of the women I’ve had the honor of photographing. 

And so these women could experience being seen and have the opportunity for their story to inspire another woman.

The latest issue is out and inside you’ll get to read about:

How Migna saw the woman she’s become and made her boudoir photoshoot an act of self-love

Stephanie’s story of finding a better path and seeing her body as a work of art

Chavon’s childhood dream and how boudoir reminded her you never have to quit on your dreams

*Content Note: One of the stories contains themes/mentions of sexual violence and self-harm. Please use your discretion while reading and reach out to get help if you need it.

Download your copy and read these inspiring stories NOW

I’d love to know which of these stories inspired or touched you after you’ve given this month’s issue a read.


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