These stories are too inspiring not to share

There’s really nothing that fires me up like hearing the story of another woman…how she stood back up, the way she kept going after her dreams, how she reinvented herself, and how she took up space and dared to live life by HER rules.

Can you think of anything more inspiring than those kinds of stories? YEAH….me either!

“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” – Brené Brown 

This is exactly why I’m so excited to share with you the VERY first issue of TRANSFORMED + THRIVING.

What you’ll find inside this month’s issue:

  • Learn how Stephanie reclaimed herself and discovered her beauty after reaching mid-life
  • Hear how Danielle navigated from “rock bottom” to a place of loving herself
  • And you’ll see how Diana found a way to reconnect with her true self 

Transformed + Thriving is an opportunity for the women I’ve worked with to share their challenges and what motivated them to do a boudoir photoshoot and to share what they’ve been inspired to create and the shifts they’ve made in their lives as a result of feeling more confident and empowered.

But most of all it’s an opportunity for women to be SEEN. To step in the spotlight and share……because each of us women is worthy of taking up space and sharing our stories.

And letting ourselves be seen and sharing our stories is just another way to deepen those feelings of confidence, power and trust we’re all cultivating in ourselves. 

Grab a cup of coffee and give this month’s issue of Transformed + Thriving a read! You’ll get to know Stephanie, Danielle, and Diana.


What it’s REALLY like behind the scenes on a boudoir photoshoot with me


I use boudoir photography as a tool to help women rewrite the negative stories they have about themselves and their bodies by capturing their unique beauty in photographs and giving them a confidence-boosting experience.

LOOK….I know how vulnerable and nerve-wracking the thought of doing a boudoir photoshoot can feel……

This is why I’ve put together a behind-the-scenes video of a boudoir photoshoot and information package, so you can learn more about my process, image packages and payment plans.

Ready to learn more and go behind the scenes with me?

Click here to watch the video and request a free no-obligation information package.