Have you ever found yourself learning an important life lesson from an unexpected source?

I find this happens to me all the time and most recently it was my horse, Artesano, who taught me an important lesson about body love. Click here to listen to the video version of this post.

Recently I was hanging out with my beautiful stallion, Artesano, and something clicked that I just had to share with you that will help you change the perception about your body. 

Artesno and I had just come back from a ride and he’s all sweaty, dirty and a bit of a mess. This is what he looks like most of the time. I cannot expect him to be absolutely looking clean and shiny and perfect all the time. He is after all a horse. And if you have a horse or any kind of furbaby, then you know as well as I do that as soon as you give them a bath, they go and roll around in the dirt and mud…and all your hard work goes out the window.

Sometimes I take the time to give him a nice bath and brush his mane to make it nice and shiny again. I’ll have him stand next to a tree and take a beautiful picture of him because I know he’s not going to look this way for long. I take the photo so I can appreciate this cleaned up version of him.

This applies to us women too. We don’t look absolutely perfect every single day because we’re working. We’re living life, we’re getting dirty and we’re rolling in the “mud” of life

Hop over here to listen to the video version of this blog post

On special occasions, we dress up, we do our hair and our makeup. We find a beautiful background and we take a picture to remind ourselves that that is also our true self.

Often we have this unrealistic expectation of ourselves to look that way ALL THE TIME…..and when we don’t we beat ourselves up inside. The beauty industry and celebrity culture have “sold” us this ideal and expectation of looking perfect 24/7. We’ve learned that being put together as a woman is how we’re supposed to look. But that’s simply not true, necessary or REALISTIC.

The next time you look at yourself in the mirror and you struggle to look at yourself because you don’t feel you’re “put together” or look perfect, just remember, you’re a working woman, you’re busy, you’re rolling in the mud and making things happen in life. 

And when you can, treat yourself. Go and get your hair and your makeup done. Put on a beautiful dress and go and take some photos to put on your phone so that you can remember every single day that the beautiful put-together woman in the photo, is still inside of you. She’s just put away because you don’t want her to get dirty. 

I hope this helps you feel better about yourself and helps you to become the best version of you. 

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