Why self-love needs to be the foundation every mature woman grows their dream life from

If you’ve ever had to deal with leaky basements or repairing cracks in your house foundation then you know exactly how pesky, overwhelming and downright draining of an experience that can be.

Even if you haven’t I think it’s easy to picture how problematic and frustrating that would be, especially if you have dreams of renovating your kitchen, adding a home gym or zen space in your basement or finally creating your spa bathroom from your Pinterest board.

It’s likely that all of those items on your wish would either have to wait, be compromised or you might struggle to fully enjoy them worrying that at any moment the basement might leak again or another crack or problem would be discovered.

So why am I talking about building construction?
Because self-love functions the same way as your house foundation.  

When we have a strong foundation built on our sense of worthiness, unwavering self-love and appreciation for ourselves….our potential to continue to build, grow and create from that is INFINITE….the possibilities are ENDLESS.

But if instead, we focus on things like losing weight, changing our looks or finding the perfect partner to strengthen or build our foundation chances are we’ll find ourselves repeating the same patterns and not growing or creating our life in the ways we wish we could. 

(Side note: there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, change our looks or finding a partner…… but if we’re doing it because we don’t love ourselves enough or believe we are worthy then it’s worth shifting our intentions and focusing on creating that self-love + worth for ourselves first)

This is why self-love, having a strong sense of self-worth and appreciation for yourself is ESSENTIAL.  

This is also why it’s often referred to as a practice…because it’s a life-long commitment, not a quick fix. Sure it might only take you a few hours to learn techniques, but applying them and building and strengthening that foundation takes time and consistency. 

I share all of this for a few reasons….

#1 To remind you that spending time, energy and resources on strengthening your foundation of self-love + self-worth is the best investment you can make in yourself. It’s never a waste of time or frivolous.

#2 To remind you that if you have goals of launching a non-profit in your community, earning more money, starting a business, running a 5 k race, pursuing a passion project……..all of these goals are built on that same foundation of self-love + self-worth.

By loving yourself and owning your worth you ARE working towards your goals!

#3 To remind you that wherever you’re at in your life and your relationship with yourself it’s never too late to start or continue loving yourself in new and more intentional ways. 

Get simple practices to help you fall in love with yourself and your body so you can confidently go after your 2021 goals and dreams. Download your copy of the 7 Days to Self-Love Workbook NOW!  

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