There’s lots of talk these days about how women can ‘have it all’ – but in reality we just end up ‘doing it all’ instead. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than making time for a woman who always puts the needs of others before herself. This month’s woman of strength did just that – and the results were incredible!

Anna is one of those incredible women who’ve dedicated their lives to others. Not only is she a special needs teaching assistant but she’s also a personal care provider and runs her own house rehab business – incredible! Women like Anna are the unsung heroes of the world, making sure other people’s lives run as smoothly as possible and making sure everyone feels cared for – but DSC_0070that can come at a cost, as Anna herself knows.
“Making time for myself is hard because I work so much” she says. “I’ve also been overweight for a lot of my life and that has knocked my self-confidence. I never thought I’d have the nerve to do a boudoir shoot – until I discovered Art of Seduction.”

When we reach our forties as Anna has, time can take its toll on us, both physically and mentally. Weight gain, cellulite and wrinkles can be all we see when we look in the mirror and our confidence can be hit. But we’re so much more than that! Life experiences provide wisdom and – if we let them – an inner beauty that comes from knowing we can survive life’s hardest knocks. But sometimes we need a helping hand to see how amazing we are – and that’s where I step in!

Anna says she’s always been intrigued by the idea of doing a boudoir shoot but never thought she looked good enough. When she saw my monthly competition for a free boudoir shoot she decided to enter – and won!

“I was drawn to Art of Seduction because it was the only boudoir business I found in my area with
classy, tasteful photos”  she says, “and talking to Argentina was the decision maker. She’s an everyday, real woman who understands what you are looking to accomplish in doing boudoir photos.”

As I got to know Anna before her shoot, I saw an incredible determination in her that she was going to put herself at the top of her to do list, just for one day. All my clients are a little nervous before their first boudoir shoot, but by the day of her boudoir session Anna’s nerves had been overtaken by incredible excitement!

I’ll never forget her photo shoot. A gorgeous person inside and out, Anna radiated beauty and as
the session progressed I saw her become more and more confident in posing for the camera. It was beautiful! I could see her reconnect with the woman she had long stopped taking time for and it made me realise that there’s a lesson for all of us in Anna’s boudoir story.

A wise friend once told me that the thing about putting yourself first is that when you do, it usually turns out that what’s best for you is best for everyone else as well. But that can be so hard for us women to do! We all need to take time out for ourselves, to relax or to pursue our passions – and we’ll be a better mother, daughter and co-worker because of it. If we don’t we’re going to be so depleted that we’ll have nothing to give anyway!

As Anna herself says; “My boudoir experience reminded me that I’m a woman, a woman who
loves feeling sexy and who needs to stop and take time for myself more than I do.”

I don’t think there’ll be any stopping Anna now – she already has her sights set on shooting one of my new boudoir concepts and she tells me that her confidence in herself and in the way she looks goes through the roof every time she looks at her images.

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