Change the way you see and take care of your body with this letter writing practice

What if you thought of your body as a child? 

When I was creating my former Love Your Body, No Limits! program, this thought dropped into my mind. I immediately thought YES…this is such a great way to shift how we look at, think of and take care of our body.

In my teens, 20’s and 30’s this thought was the furthest thing from my mind.  

Instead of focusing on how I could care for my body and love it……I always had a wish list of things I wanted to change about my body…a smaller waist….lighter skin…etc. 

The beauty and diet industry is good at selling us that changing the way our body looks and buying the latest product will make us love ourselves more and feel happier.

But what if instead of doing that…….we cared for our bodies as if it were our child and asked ourselves…

How might I speak to it differently if that were true…

How would I care for it and be gentle with it ….

How would I listen to it and shower it with love daily…

How would I look at my body with awe and kindness instead of with critique and comparison….

This thought has helped me and so many women start seeing our bodies differently, BUT I don’t want it just to be an idea for you.

I want it to be something you can actually practice and FEEL in your heart and mind.

That’s why I’m pulling a page from the book I’m writing and giving you the details so you can begin (and continue) to take care of your body from a place of LOVE!


Body Liberation Practice – The LOVE Letter

Step #1: To help you see your body as a living entity, give your body a name. 

I call my body Alex. Maybe you want to name yours after something you find beautiful in nature, like Rose or Monarch. Pick a name that feels loving and inspiring to you.

Step #2: Find a quiet space and write your body a love letter.
Write anything that will help you connect to your body – maybe you want to ask her for forgiveness for the way you’ve talked to her, promise her you’ll love and protect her, tell her all the things you are grateful for about her.

Maybe you want to talk about things you look forward to doing with her and make a commitment for how you’ll take care of her moving forward. 

I know it might seem a little awkward at the beginning, but trust me, it works. Remind yourself of why you wanted to write this letter – because loving and caring for your body feels important and meaningful to you.

Step #3: After you finish your letter, I want you to step in front of the mirror and say something kind to your body OR read part of your letter out loud to your body. 

My own ritual is simple. Whenever I look at my undressed self in the mirror, I tell my body, “You are delicious!”

You’d be amazed at what happens when you repeat this process and start to use this opportunity of seeing your body in the mirror as an opportunity to slather it in love and healing.

Promise me…….if this exercise speaks to you that you’ll give it a try no matter how awkward it might feel at first!!!

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