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Before and After Photoshop

Digital enhancement or photoshopping of your boudoir photos is intended to be as little as possible by ensuring that you look the best in the original images.

Professional  hair and makeup, the adequate lingerie for your boudoir photoshoot, good lighting and well guided boudoir poses will ensure that you look your best straight out of the camera.

However, even the most beautiful, young and perfect bodies NEVER come out flawless and will need things like color correction, light adjustment, sharpening, fixing of body areas that are squeezed by the lingerie outfits, etc.

The point of boudoir photography is for women to love themselves just as they are and not an "alternate reality" through photoshop. At Art of Seduction Boudoir, we focus on creating as good images as possible from the beginning so that you can see yourself AS YOU ARE. The digital enhancement we do of your images is just "icing on the cake" to make your images ready for display. 

It is no different from cleaning and polishing your house for a special occasion.

See below some examples of digital enhancement of clients of different ages and body types so that you can see the before and after photoshop images.


Before and After Makeup

The most important part of a boudoir photoshoot will always be professional hair and makeup. 

The responsibility of a Boudoir photography studio is to create images that make women look their best straight from the camera so that they can love the way they look without any digital enhancement.

Not any makeup will do for a boudoir photoshoot since 50% of the effect of makeup is lost when photographed. Even when women request a very natural look for their makeover, there is a lot involved into giving them that look for a photoshoot.

The most popular makeup for a boudoir photoshoot is a smooth smoky eye and the most popular lipstick shade has a tie between red an a nude tone.

Take a look at few of the boudoir makeup transformations achieved by our professional makeup artists at our studios in Chicago and Austin, TX.

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