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Erotic and Sexual Boudoir Gallery


Chicago and Austin, TX Boudoir Studios

A woman's sense of worthiness is closely related to her sexuality and feeling sensual. Erotic photography is meant to help women overcome feelings of shame about her body and her sexuality. This boudoir photo shoot is pure feminine energy captured in classy yet edgy manner to help women embrace their sexual side and also fulfill their husbands fantasies of being more open to the pleasure of intimacy.

Should Boudoir be Sexual?

I am a huge supporter of women's empowerment since I started my career as a boudoir photographer. I never imagined I would transcend into erotic boudoir until my own experience doing a boudoir session.

When I did my first boudoir session, more than anything I wanted to feel comfortable in my own body since I struggled for decades with body positivity. The struggle I had to love my body, affected my own sex life and after talking and photographing so many women, I realized I wasn't the only one. Many women were feeling unattractive and reluctant to be more open with their sexuality because they felt their bodies were not attractive after having babies, gaining weight or getting older.

Body shame and sexuality are closely related, and after doing the first women erotic boudoir photoshoots and erotic couples photography sessions, I learned more about the positive effect these type of more sexual boudoir sessions have on women's confidence and couple's intimacy.


My clients opened up about how they wanted to spice up their sex life through a sensual boudoir shoot that allowed them to capture their love and intimacy in a classy way.  Boudoir can be sensual or sexual, it all depends on your level of comfort but, on my opinion, why not try at least one or two more sexual boudoir poses, you will never know if you like them or not unless you do them. And if you don't like them, don't make them part of your final boudoir album.

The truth about Nude Couples Boudoir

Historically, Sexual photography has been more to create pornography materials but women and couples who are not interested in this type of photo session, can use boudoir photography, specifically a couples boudoir session, to capture the relationship, love and connection with each other.

This is more like fine art photography and who doesn't want to be a piece of art? I personally have my own nude fine art photos hanging on my bedroom walls and I always encourage my clients to do the same.

In fact, I have done erotic couples boudoir shoots to decorate a couple's sex room! Apparently it is a new trend and I think it is an exquisite way to display and enjoy these erotic images.

The erotic boudoir photoshoots I do of women and couples is very private so this gallery is very limited to only images that have been authorized by my clients to show. Be assured that your privacy will be protected in the same way.

How to prepare for an Erotic Boudoir Photoshoot

However, to get you ready for your own erotic boudoir photo shoot, were you feel and like like a true erotic photography model, here are the top things I focus on for a successful erotic shoot.

Hair and makeup for an Erotic Boudoir Shoot

You are encouraged to bring ideas of makeup you feel is the best for an erotic photoshoot and my makeup artist will create that look for you and make recommendations. You will get glammed up first with professional hair and makeup to look like true erotic model in your images. All you have to do is have a clean face and hair ready to style when you arrive to any of our studios in Chicago, IL or Austin, TX.

Erotic lingerie

You will have to go shopping for lingerie. You can decide how erotic or sexual to shop for. I prefer a combination of both. Lot's of straps, pasties for your nipples, fishnet stockings, leather outfits, masks, bondage items, whips and hand cuffs are fun as props. You can always decide to do nude photos as part of your erotic photoshoot.

Erotic posing ideas

Search social media for erotic boudoir ideas and bring them to you to your own photoshoot. I will try my best to create my own version of that pose or inspirational idea.

You can always go to social media to look for inspiration ideas for your own photoshoot and you can bring any props to the boudoir studio to create your own version of erotic or sexual boudoir photography shoot. You can also request boudoir video to be done with your own phone, just ask at your session!

Ready to book your Boudoir Photo Session in Chicago or Austin, TX?

We offer 100% money back guarantee. If I don't deliver boudoir images you love, you are in no obligation to buy them and I'll even refund your session fee.

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