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Outdoor Boudoir Gallery


Cozumel, Mexico and Fiji

If you have dreamt about being a swimsuit model or doing an outdoor boudoir photography session, then the Model Experience is for you. Nature boudoir provides a different type of photo shoot. Our Cozumel and Fiji Model Experience is like no other, women get a vacation and outdoor boudoir sessions all in one.

Waterfall Boudoir Photography like no other in Fiji

A private resort in Fiji is what we call home every two years for a full week. While you enjoy a retreat-like break, I scout for the best outdoor location for your outdoor water boudoir photography session. There are lots of locations in this secluded resort that include rain forest, beach, river and waterfall. You can bring your outdoor boudoir ideas to recreate in this idyllic location. We provide professional hair and makeup for your photoshoot, a great essential to create images where you look like a true model.


Beach Photography in Cozumel out of a Sports Illustrated magazine.

Every Thanksgiving, we travel to the island of Cozumel for five nights to an all-inclusive resort to do nature boudoir photos and beach photos. Think a mix of outdoor boudoir photos in scenes out of Indiana Jones and paradisiac beach locations like those used in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photoshoots. Any woman of any body type is encouraged to experience being a model in Cozumel.


If you are not comfortable in swimsuits, then dresses and skirts look amazing in this fashionable photoshoot. Your hair and makeup will be professionally done to give you a beautiful beach look. During our stay in Cozumel, we organize a snorkeling trip as well as a group dinner in a local gourmet Mexican restaurant.

If you love to travel to exotic destination and capturing your essence in beautiful outdoor photographs, the Model Experience is definitely for you.

Ready to book your Model Experience in Fiji or Cozumel?

We offer 100% money back guarantee. If I don't deliver outdoor boudoir images you love, you are in no obligation to buy them.

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