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Water Boudoir Gallery


Chicago and Austin, TX Boudoir Studios

Including water shots in your boudoir session is a great idea. Celebrate the female form through tasteful, beautiful water boudoir photos and be ready to be a siren. 

Water photography is difficult and to find a professional photographer who offers it is not easy. Most photographers would use a bathtub but at Art of Seduction Boudoir we have gone beyond that to create a set that mimics true rain inspired by the movie Flashdance (if you grew up in the 80's you know what I'm talking about!). However, water photography can be challenging for women since not a lot of digital editing can be down in rain shots because it will deform the water drops.

Be ready to create the "wet t-shirt" look and leave a lot to the imagination in this 90 second rush that will leaving feeling like a water siren.

The Challenge of Water Photography

Indoor water photography we do at Art of Seduction Boudoir consists of using a custom rain shower that provides about 90 seconds of rain water to create about 6 to 8 different poses. 

To make it a success, you will be trained in these poses and will be asked to go over a sequence at least twice to better be prepared for when the actual shoot takes place since it gets really loud and you will have a hard time hearing the instructions.

Also, you will have a lot of water falling over your face and will have to concentrate to create facial expressions that don't make you look like you are drowning! You will also have to concentrate on your balance. But don't worry, it is totally worth doing it and you will have images so different from your lingerie shots that you will want to frame on your walls.  

Being in good shape is what is most recommended for this shot, if you are not flexible or have balance problems it is best not to consider the water photography session and is best to stick with our Secret Diva Boudoir session for women.

Ready to book your Water Boudoir Session in Chicago or Austin, TX?

We offer 100% money back guarantee. If I don't deliver boudoir images you love, you are in no obligation to buy them and I'll even refund your session fee.

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