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Every woman can look beautiful in Boudoir Photos regardless of age, size and body type.

Brides, moms, plus size women, couples, mature women and young-at-heart grandmas, all look beautiful and classy in the different boudoir poses (over 100!) I have perfected after 15 years working with women and couples of all ages and body types.

Take a look at the boudoir galleries below and when you are ready to book your photoshoot in any of my studios, Chicago or Austin, contact me below to plan for your boudoir experience.



Boudoir Gallery

In our Secret Diva Boudoir Gallery you can appreciate how women of any age are posed and photographed in a Boudoir Photoshoot. Brides, busy moms, professional women, mature women, and young-at-heat grandmas look classy and elegant in these poses that enhance their assets and dissimulate distractions like stretch marks. Natural light is used to create creamy skin tones and make women look almost flawless so that digital retouching is done to a minimum.

Bridal Boudoir Sessions are part of the Secret Diva Collection of poses.


Couples Boudoir Gallery

An intimate couple's boudoir session is a fun and sensual way to reconnect to your partner and spice up your relationship, it is the ultimate boudoir experience. This type of photo session can go from fully clothed to fully nude, depending on the couple's preference. Due to the nature of the images Argentina has created per couple's request, this gallery is limited to only few examples since we are dedicated to protect our client's privacy since boudoir nudes can be included in the session.


Water Boudoir Gallery

The ultimate sensual boudoir photoshoot using water and translucent outfits that stick to the skin to contour a woman's curves and tease the eye of the viewer with a peak to her nude body, yet, still leaving a lot to the imagination. 


Beach Photo Gallery

Every November we head to beautiful Cozumel to do beach photoshoots for women who have done a Boudoir shoot at any of our studios. When you do a Boudoir photoshoot with us and want to come to Cozumel (bring a guest for free), all you have to do is get a plane ticket, we will pay for your hotel. Learn more about our Cozumel Model Experience HERE.

Fiji is the place for our Bolder Beyond 50 retreat that happens every other year early March. This is an all inclusive trip (airfare included) and it is open by invitation only to past clients or women who have never done a boudoir session with us. To apply for Bolder Beyond 50, click HERE.