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Couples Boudoir Gallery


Chicago and Austin, TX Boudoir Studios

Couples Boudoir or Erotic Boudoir is a tasteful photoshoot to capture the love and intimacy between husband and wife. True love and connection doesn't happen by itself, especially after years or marriage, kids and life challenges. This photoshoot helps couples come together in an intimate and fun experience to reconnect and spice up their relationship that otherwise can feel stagnant or have come to a halt.

Answers to the most FAQ when booking an Erotic Couples Boudoir photoshoot

Are photos going to be published?

Privacy is my main focus when it comes to an erotic photoshoot. This is not adult entertainment and if this is what you have in mind, I am not the boudoir photographer for you. This is a very private experience for couples and images will be carefully protected and not shared unless you authorize me. For the same reason, my couples boudoir gallery is very limited on the number of images I show.

We are a mature couple and our bodies are not perfect, how do you make us look good?

This photoshoot is about your connection, not so much about your bodies. We will work a lot to try different things, some will include lingerie for the wife and full clothes for the husband. The session will progress to remove clothing items and you will be undressed to your level of comfort. I use my unique posing techniques and props to dissimulate parts of the body that can be distracting and the final images will have careful digital retouching to fix problem areas.


Do you do full nude boudoir photos?



I will do full nudes of the wife or both of you if that is what you want. Be aware that with full nudes, your bodies have no support and assistance from clothing and unless you have in great shape, it will show in photos. That is why instead of doing full nude boudoir, I prefer to do "implied" nude boudoir photos. You will be under the sheets in the bed where I will direct you to recreate intimate moments but you will have underwear on and most of your bodies will be covered by the sheets.

Can you do a mixed boudoir session, just me and then as a couple?

Yes, in fact, I always suggest this. You have already set the time aside for this experience, why not do a little of everything? Your husband will also get a little of attention so that you can have few sexy photos of just him.

My husband is shy and doesn't like to take pictures. How can you include him in the photos?

It is very common for men to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera and reluctantly agree to attend the photoshoot. No worries, I have my ways of including your husband in photos in a way he doesn't feel exposed. He will be in the background of photos looking at you to start, this will get him to relax. Little by little I will include him in the photos in very casual ways until I feel he feels comfortable and you will be surprised how at the end he might even be suggesting poses!


Do you do more risqué erotic photos?

This experience is about expressing and amplifying your relationship and that includes your fantasies. Share your vision with me, even bring photos that inspire you and I will do my best to direct you to create your vision. Sensual touching, implied love making and pleasuring each other, BDSM...all can be part of your shoot, just be prepared to laugh a lot.

How do we prepare for a couples boudoir shoot?

The most important part is to show up to your session and be excited about it. However, depending on your vision, I do recommend to bring lingerie for you and your husband can bring jeans, a good pair of trunks and an open button shirt at a minimum. You will have professional hair and makeup at the studio and I will personally style your lingerie with accessories I have in the studio to supplement what you bring. You can bring any type of props to be included like hand cuffs, harnesses, whips, etc.

Ready to book your Couples Boudoir Session in Chicago or Austin, TX?

We offer 100% money back guarantee. If I don't deliver boudoir images you love, you are in no obligation to buy them and I'll even refund your session fee.

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