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Ladies and Mature Women Boudoir Gallery


Chicago and Austin, TX Boudoir Studios

Explore how women of all ages and body types are photographed in different boudoir poses to look classy in boudoir photos they can fall in love with. From age 23 to age 72, I love how my Secret Diva collection is used by all women, young and mature, the busy moms or executives, all looking to reconnect to their feminine side in a Women's Boudoir Photoshoot.

If you have wanted to do a Boudoir photo shoot for a long time but didn't know if you can look good in mature boudoir photos, you can see for yourself in this boudoir gallery how women of all ages and body types look amazing when properly photographed, posed and styled for their boudoir shoot.

Boudoir FAQ I get from Young and Mature Women

What do I wear for my boudoir photoshoot?

You probably won't be doing boudoir photoshoots often, so it is a good idea to do as much as we can so that you have a great variety of Lingerie looks in your Boudoir photos. For a Mature Boudoir Photoshoot, I highly recommend to focus on lingerie that has support of coverage, like a corset and push up bras. You can find a lot of Boudoir Inspiration in this gallery or my Pinterest Boudoir Galleries. To find the best lingerie for your photoshoot according to your body type, I recommend you download my lingerie guide HERE.

Do you provide hair and makeup for my Boudoir Session?

Yes! This is one of the most important parts of your boudoir photoshoot. Your face is the center of attention of any photo so your makeup must be done professionally the day of your session to be camera ready. If you have any boudoir makeup ideas, you can bring them with you to show the makeup artist. Whatever makeup style you choose for your shoot, you will have high definition makeup including fake eyelashes to enhance your eyes.

When should I plan to do my Boudoir Session? 

It all depends on how you feel. If you want to hit the gym to feel comfortable and more confident in front of the camera, then plan for few months in advance. What is important is that you select a professional and skilled boudoir photographer that no matter if you hit your weight goals or not, she can still capture your beauty at its best.

Do you retouch my boudoir photos?

Absolutely! However, I focus on making you look amazing straight out of the camera. Boudoir Photography is about capturing your beauty as you are and photoshop is used to clean up the images to fix distractions, much like staging your house for a party and hiding a water spot behind a plant or a framed photo.

Ready to book your Boudoir Photo Session in Chicago or Austin, TX?

We offer 100% money back guarantee. If I don't deliver boudoir images you love, you are in no obligation to buy them and I'll even refund your session fee.

Click on the button below to book your Women's  Boudoir Photo Shoot now!

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