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What women are saying about their Boudoir Experience with Art of Seduction Boudoir

Selecting the best boudoir photographer is no small decision. You must feel confident the boudoir photographer you choose, will be able to create your vision and handle any challenge. You want to know that regardless of your age, you body type, your skin color or any injuries, she will be able to create boudoir photos that you love and make you feel beautiful and proud.


Art of Seduction Boudoir's owner and photographer Argentina Leyva has over 15 years of experience photographing women of all sorts. 

But you must hear from other women who have experienced doing a boudoir photoshoot with Argentina, how they felt during their session, how Argentina made them feel before, during and after their session and how they liked the final images and the entire experience.

Below you will find boudoir testimonials from our clients along with a link to the actual interview after their boudoir session. Take the time to read and listen and when you are ready to book your own boudoir photoshoot, the first thing to do is to contact Argentina directly for a phone consultation to learn more about the process on how to prepare for your boudoir session and the type of boudoir packages and investment she offers. Click here to schedule a boudoir phone consultation with Argentina.


I've been wanting to do this for a long time and it was an experience beyond of what I wanted it to be. It was so empowering because I have flaws that make me so self-conscious but seeing me in a different light made me feel empowered and beautiful. Ladies, step out of your comfort zone and just do it!

Listen to Holly's video testimonial in YouTube


I told myself for years I would do it when I get skinny but that never happened so I got tired of waiting and I just wanted to love my body as I am because I couldn't continue living like that. I was amazed at looking at the images and they were not even retouched yet!

Listen to Lisa's video testimonial in YouTube


I always had body image issues that caused me not to value my body as a temple. I saw my friend's pictures you took and she was so beautiful, I wanted to look like her! Wow, I just couldn't stop starring at my images, I felt so sexy, it hit home run!

Listen to Danielle's video testimonial in YouTube.


I was super nervous and anxious but Argentina was so motivational over the phone, I knew she was the photographer for me. After 20 years of marriage and 5 kids, all I did was work, kids and marriage. It was time for me and I felt like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, thank you Argentina!

Listen to Amanda's video testimonial in YouTube.


I am a 52 widow. I don't consider myself photogenic and always been told I'm too much, too loud, too obnoxious...and after playing that in my head for decades I finally had enough! I decided to focus on me and Boudoir was something I always wanted to do.

Listen to Elizabeth's video testimonial in YouTube.


I am 30 years old and working on healing myself from trauma. I never saw myself as I did in these pictures when I look at myself in the mirror. In the outside I look ok but in the inside, I am working on healing myself and this experience has helped me do just that.

Listen to Tammra's video testimonial in YouTube.

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