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Plus Size and Curvy Boudoir Gallery


Chicago and Austin, TX Boudoir Studios

Our Divalicious Gallery contains the same poses than our Secret Diva Gallery but portraying beautiful plus size women. Now, plus size only means larger than average and that can mean you are just taller than most women. All women, regardless of their body type can do a boudoir photoshoot and to be honest, curves are sexy in boudoir photos!


The truth is, most boudoir poses can work for all body types and they will certainly work for you. I have specialized in plus size women since I myself have always been a bigger than average girl and I used to be very self-conscious about my body.

If you are a curvy woman and wondered if you can look good in boudoir photos, you can appreciate in this boudoir gallery that all women, even the curviest, look gorgeous and so can you!

The truth about about Plus Size Boudoir Photography

I know it can be scary to do a plus size boudoir shoot when you are a curvy girl but this is about celebrating YOU as you are, your unique type of beauty. Trust me on this, I have photographed over 3000 women by now and about 50% of them have been plus size women.

I am so proud of the plus size boudoir images I create for the courageous women that despite their fear, show up to their boudoir session hoping they'll get at least one good photo. It never fails, when they see their boudoir images for the firs time, their first expression is of disbelief:

I can't believe it's me in these boudoir pictures, I love my curves!

Here is how I will make sure you love how you look in your boudoir images

  • I give you a lot of guidance on how to prepare for your plus size boudoir photoshoot. I will provide you with a Plus Size Lingerie Guide to see samples of the best lingerie for your body type and a curated list of plus size lingerie boutiques to shop for the right size of lingerie.

  • You will be looking at your face more than anything else in your photos, for this reason, you will have your hair and makeup done professionally at the studio.

  • I will style your lingerie with my own corsetry and accessories to shape your body, provide better support and enhance your curves. My goal is to naturally slim you down and accentuate your curves and hide distractions so the retouching later on is minimum.

  • I will pose you and guide you throughout the photoshoot to create the best expressions.

  • Beautiful plus size boudoir photography comes in many styles. In my own style, I will use different concepts and lighting techniques to give you a lot of variety since you won't know what you will like. On average, 5 to 6 concepts and 250 images.

  • Your final images will be carefully retouched to remove distractions and do a little extra body shaping.

Ready to book your Plus Size Boudoir Session in Chicago or Austin, TX?

We offer 100% money back guarantee. If I don't deliver boudoir images you love, you are in no obligation to buy them and I'll even refund your session fee.

Click on the button below to book your plus size boudoir shoot now!

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