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Studio Policies

  • Art of Seduction Boudoir, Argentina Leyva Photography, Argentina Leyva Becoming Delicious Brands are subsidiaries of Argentina Leyva Artistic Studios LLC. All policies apply when working under any brand for all activities, including bookings, payments, contract agreements, consultations, services, mentorship, photography, workshops, on-line classes, trips and any other activities and services offered by the company.

  • By engaging in any of the activities and services with the company, the user agrees to a strict no-refund policy unless it is a mutual agreement.

  • To reserve a session a non-refundable deposit is required. Sessions can be cancelled or rescheduled but under no circumstance the deposit will be refunded. The deposit will be used as a credit towards a future boudoir session and it is not transferable.

  • Cancellations and rescheduling must be done at least TWO WEEKS before the session date to avoid a cancellation and rescheduling fee of $300.

  • Hair and makeup services are provided to all clients and there is no credit or discount applied for declining the use of our hair and makeup services.

  • Client must arrive on time to session to avoid shortening session time.

  • Client must make investment decisions on day of session.

  • Client can choose to pay with credit card, personal check, cash, Paypal and make use of studio’s financing plan..

  • Client will make final selection of images to be purchased as well as album design options on the day of her session. This selection of images is final; however, client has 24 hours to email studio to review final selection via a private online gallery and make changes to image selection. Album production will be stopped at this moment until the client specifies via email on the images to be changed or added in album.

  • Client will receive a digital proof of her album to review image retouching and album design layout so that she can make changes to digital retouching and album design. The first round of changes to image retouching and album design is free. Client will receive a second digital proof to review the requested changes. At this point the client must approve the album for production. If more changes are requested in digital retouching or album design, a $50 fee per round of changes will be billed to client.

  • If after client receives album proof she decides to change images, the following fees apply:

    • First image changed is free

    • Two or more images changed are billed at $200 each

    • Changes in first round of album design in digital proof is free. Additional album design changes are billed at $50 per round.

  • If after client receives physical album she decides to make changes, the following fees apply:

    • Album reprint fee is $500

    • Changes in album design are $50 per round of changes.

    • Removal of images is free. 

    • Addition of new images is $200/each if client original purchase is less than 20 images. $130/each if client's original purchase is 20 images or more.

    • Replacement/change of images is $200/each

  • Once client has revised and made any changes to digital proof, she must approve album production via email. Once it is approved it will go to production immediately and cannot be stopped.

  • On the day of her session, client will sign a contract with studio committing to an investment on images, albums, digital files, etc. Once the contract is signed, client can add other products to her contract but cannot decrease the investment amount.

  • This is a custom order requested and agreed to by the client and once the contract is signed, it cannot be cancelled or modified.

  • Failure to fulfill contract will subject client to collection proceedings.

  • Client’s images will be used for marketing purposes ONLY when she signs a model release. Otherwise, the images will not be used in any way. An exception is when client receives a complimentary session, participates in the model program or fails to fulfill a contract.

  • Albums are made by a partner album company and will be shipped to client directly from the album company. The client has three days from receiving album to advise Art of Seduction Boudoir about any album defects. Album defects will be fixed at no charge when the client contacts studio within three days of receiving album. Albums with defects are of manufacturing nature and not of design nature. The album materials and printing options are picked by client at the studio and specified in the contract. Once the album is sent to production, these options cannot be changed. To change these options, client must pay for a reprinting fee of $500.

Natural Light and Style Policy

  1. Photography Style: Our studio prides itself on a distinct photography style that emphasizes natural light and clean backgrounds. This style can be reviewed in detail in the galleries showcased on our website. Clients should familiarize themselves with our artistic style before booking a session and should not expect a deviation from this style.

  2. Outdoor Photography: Photography in outdoor settings is influenced by various uncontrollable factors such as weather, light conditions, and specific location attributes. The inherent variability of nature may affect the colors and other aspects of the images captured. Despite these uncertainties, our photographer will leverage her expertise and experience to ensure the delivery of professional and high-quality images.

  3. Weather and Location Dependencies: It is understood that outdoor photography is dependent on weather and other uncontrollable elements. If the chosen date of the photoshoot encounters unexpected or unfavorable weather conditions, our photographer will make every effort to capture the best images possible. However, the photographer is under no obligation to reschedule or repeat the photoshoot if the weather is not ideal.

  4. Client Preparation: It is the client's responsibility to come prepared for the photoshoot. This includes choosing outfits that are appropriate for the location and flattering for their body type. Decisions regarding hair, makeup, and accessories should also be carefully considered. While post-processing tools like Photoshop can enhance images, they cannot fundamentally alter or rectify poor choices in attire, hair, or makeup. Clients should not expect major post-processing alterations related to these aspects.

  5. Outdoor Location Review: Clients are encouraged to thoroughly review potential outdoor locations. The photographer will provide useful resources, including website links, sample images, and recommendations to help in the decision-making process. Utilizing tools like Google Maps and Google Reviews can further aid in assessing the suitability of a location for the desired shoot.

By booking a session with our studio, the client acknowledges and agrees to the terms and policies stated above.

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