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How to Prepare For Bridal Boudoir Photoshoots

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

5 Key Lingerie pieces to wear REGARDLESS of your body type

You are getting married, congratulations! As most brides, you must be busy and excited planning your wedding or vow renewal if you have been married already for a while and are planning a celebration. And one of the things that probably has crossed your mind is...


Boudoir photography has become so popular not just for brides, but also for women who want to surprise their husbands. Maybe you saw a girlfriend's boudoir pictures that made you want to do the same, or you read or heard about it in a blog, magazine or social media.

It really doesn't matter, what is important is that you want to be THE ONE on those pictures have questions and let's be honest....FEAR too...

What if you don't look good in your boudoir pictures?

That is the #1 fear women have, not liking who they look in their pictures. That is why I am so glad you are here reading my expert advice on how to prepare for your bridal boudoir photoshoot.

I have over 15 years of experience photographing women of all ages, shapes and sizes, so I know what works and what doesn't work when it comes to lingerie for a boudoir shoot.

There is a lot of lingerie that you can buy that can work, but here are the 5 pieces that you must consider to bring to your photoshoot, especially if your body needs help with support, coverage and shaping.

ESSENTIAL # 1: Push up Bra

Best lingerie for a Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot

Unless you have breast implants, your best friend in your bridal boudoir shoot is a push up bra. Most lingerie will not have your perfect chest size and your "girls" are the center of attention in your shoot so, they need to have great support and enhancement through padding and solid wire. You can use it by itself or do what I often do when I style my client's lingerie, wear it under the lingerie. Use the same color or a different one from the lingerie.

ESSENTIAL # 2: Cheekies

Best lingerie for a bridal boudoir photoshoot

Your "bum" must receive special attention in your photoshoot and even if you think you don't have the best of booties, a skillful boudoir photographer will be able to get a great shoot of your butt. So, when shopping for you undies, look for lacy panties that shape your bootie and leave those "grannie-panties" at home.

ESSENTIAL # 3: Garter Belts and Cinchers

Best lingerie for a bridal boudoir photo shoot

Any Bra and panty set or a lacy bodysuit can be made more exciting and interesting by adding a garter belt and stockings so you don't look like you are modeling underwear. If you need tummy control, shrinking and shaping your waist, then look into a cincher or an under-bust corset that has clips for the stockings. You can wear it over or under the piece of lingerie to shape and shrink your mid section.

ESSENTIAL # 4: Shoes and Jewelry

No bridal boudoir photoshoot is complete without proper accessories, sexy stilettos, stockings and jewelry. The higher the heels you can wear for your photo shoot, the better. They will make your legs look longer and will slim you down naturally. Bring your wedding shoes and jewelry as well as your wedding veil if you have one to be included in your photoshoot.

ESSENTIAL # 5: Your fiancé's shirt

Lingerie is beautiful and what you normally think is appropriate for your bridal boudoir shoot, but there is something super sexy about a woman wearing her husband's shirt and men just love it! It will be like surrendering yourself to him on the wedding day. As part of the surprise, you can buy the shirt he'll be wearing for the wedding day and deliver it to hop on the wedding day in a box with a photo of you wearing the shirt!

Learn more about how to select your lingerie for your boudoir shoot.

There is more information that will help you ensure you are well prepared for your bridal boudoir shoot.

For this reason, I have put together a very comprehensive "Lingerie Guide" that explains in detail the 11 lingerie pieces that work best for your shot.

You will be able to see these pieces on real women of different body types so that you can see what works best.


There is not a best time to book your shoot. You can decide to do it few weeks before your wedding so you are in your best shape, or months ahead if you need to use a payment plan to get the boudoir album you really want.

Take the time to fill this form to tell me more about you and to receive a very detailed pricing menu of the different options you will have to create a boudoir album.

When you submit your answers, you will have access to my personal calendar in order to schedule a quick 20 minute call with me to find the best date for your session.

I look forward working with you and creating your beautiful Boudoir Images!





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